Helen loves the smell of old bookshops  Kenny loves the smell of Aqua di Parma (Helen`s perfume)  Helen has a swallow tattooed on her wrist  Kenny loves sailor jerry tattoos  We love a cup of strong coffee first thing  Helen likes black eye liner  Kenny wears skinny jeans and pointy shoes  We used to live in Hoxton (our fave part of London)  Helen studied at RADA  We met on the west end stage  Helen thinks Kenny doesn`t listen to her sometimes  Kenny thinks Helen is a pain in the ar*e sometimes  Helen eats cola bottles  Kenny proposed to Helen on a (windy) Brighton Pier  Helen loves watching Midsomer Murder (or any murder mystery)  We love burlesque  Helen thinks Canon are the best cameras  Kenny would love to own a Hassleblad  We love collecting vintage clothes and furniture  Kenny likes competing with Helen  Helen likes competing with Kenny  Kenny loves Paris by night  Helen loves the work of Man Ray  We love Parisian 1920 cafe music  Helen`s dad used to throw stones at John Lennon when they were kids (fool!)  Kenny`s favourite film is Withnail and I  Helen once had dinner with Twiggy  Kenny went to school with Daniel Craig  We married in Sefton Park Palm House in Liverpool  Helen doesn`t like smelly cheese  Kenny loves a bit of stilton  We love vegetarian food  We don`t like celebrity TV programmes  We like In the Night Garden (if you`ve got kids you`ll know)  Helen likes pets  Kenny`s allergic to cats  We love the smell of our kids