Jo + Aron | Wedding Sneak Peek | Estapona, Spain

Here’s a sneak peek at Jo and Aron’s relaxed sunny Spanish wedding and beach party. We had great fun with these guys in the Costa del Sol two weeks ago, and even had a chance to dip my toe in the sea (with my camera of course!) enjoy…

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Lou + Adam | Wedding| Highfield Hall, Flintshire

Holy shit! We haven’t done any digital bragging for months because we’ve been too busy shooting some amazing weddings (which we’ll share over the next few weeks!) Oh well, we’ll just have to start over with this little beauty – the Alice in Wonderland inspired wedding of the cool Lou and Adam who married at Highfield Hall this month. When they came to us with their wedding plans we instantly started salivating at the thought shooting it, and they were absolutely fab at letting us run wild with ideas for their photos. Hope you enjoy…

4 Responses to “Lou + Adam | Wedding| Highfield Hall, Flintshire”

  1. Louise

    Kenny and Helen,

    Thank you so much for our beautiful photographs! Me and mum have just cried all the way through the video! We are so happy with them and love the way you captured the day so perfectly! 🙂

    Lou xxx

  2. stephanie louise wilson

    Your photographs are inspirational, the imagination behind them all are amazing. The music and the way you put it all together was bloody brilliant. If I’m ever lucky enough to meet my prince charming I’ll defo keep yin mind. Fat pat on the back. Well done. Keep up the good work xx

  3. Christine

    Just on my 3rd time of watching this video!

    These pictures are gorgeous, and brought back the amazing weekend of Lou and Ad’s wedding to me!

    Loved it!


  4. tracey harding

    OMG….words fail me on ur pictures, u have managed to capture the magic of the day, they are amazing and show the wedding as it was absalutely beautiful…..well done! helps having a stunning bride and groom of course lol…xxx

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Thank you from The Murrays

We’re not ones for bragging but I suppose not everyone can say they love their job but today we’re going to brag and say it. We LOVE our job! There. That felt good – yeah!. It’s because lovely couples like Lynne and Andy whose wedding we shot in April at Stanley House send us Thank You cards like this. We also had a fab day together in London for their engagement shoot – it was a scream. Thanks guys! X


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Helen and Baby Sable on BBC Breakfast

Helen was almost about to jump into her tights and start reciting Shakespeare when we found out the BBC Breakfast wanted to interview her about our amazing home birth – until I stopped her. Sable was a absolute star for her first TV appearance aged 1 month, after keeping mum awake all night.  Little monkey.  Since our wonderful home birth, which you can read about here, we’ve partnered up with One to One midwives to promote our new bump to baby photography on the Wirral and help spread the word about the wonderful work of One to One Midwives  Watch Helen and Sable here


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Real Wedding on Boho Weddings and Events

Today we’re sending big LOVE vibes out to Kelly at Boho Weddings and Events for sharing the fabulous destination wedding of Helen and Dave who married on 23rd September last year.  We enjoyed this wedding soooo much because everyone was so goddam chilled and friendly, and the setting Hotel La Residencia in Deia, Majorca was to die for. Hop on over to Boho to check it out  Kxx

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Our home birth story

On the 24th January at 23.18 our beautiful daughter Sable Ligeia Lanceley was born at home in water, with my husband and Mum present, I still can’t quite believe it.  There I was, not so very long ago convinced that the only route for me would be a hospital birth, having Group Strep B and my placenta not detaching for my last birth I really did think that was the only way to go, that was until I had the chance encounter with what was to be my fabulous One to One midwife Michelle and my equally fabulous hypno birth teacher Maureen Collins and it really is all thanks to them that I have been lucky enough to experience child birth in a way that I had never imagined before, to be so well informed and for giving me a knowledge I wish I had with my other 2 pregnancies.

I had already registered at my local hospital and to be honest I had never heard of One to One Midwife’s before it was only thanks to my mother in law giving a card with Michelle’s number on. She said it was a new scheme and that through your pregnancy you had the same midwife right the way through until birth and after your baby is born; you don’t need to go to the hospital as your midwife will visit you in your own home.  Any way I gave Michelle a call not really knowing what to expect.

Michelle came round to visit and I knew straight away that I wanted her to take over as my midwife and to be there at the birth of my baby, she immediately made me feel at ease and answered all the little things I’d been worried about, was no time limit and she was quite happy to stay and chat over all the little things regarding my pregnancy that I’d been concerned about, Strep B being my main concern.  She reassured me that there were other options.

I’d already heard of HypnoBirthing but it was only after discussing it with Michelle that I decided it would be a real option.  She gave me Maureen’s number, but I was unable to go to the first open day so I sent my sceptical husband alone on a fact finding mission.  I think he expected to meet Derren Brown as the ‘Hypno’ part of the title is a bit of misnomer.  He came back fairly convinced but not 100% about actually giving birth at home, and without pain relief having witnessed my last two births!  I had more drugs than Pete Doherty on a night out.



However I was determined to give it a go, so off we went to the first HypnoBirthing session in Oxton on the Wirral, where we met similar couples who wanted to experience a natural birth.  Over the following weeks we learnt about changing our language to describe the birthing process to a less medicalised way, relaxation and breathing techniques to cope with the surges, confidence building and self-belief.  Maureen was very good at addressing any concerns and anxieties that would get in the way of your goal of having a natural birth whether it was to be in hospital or at home.


I completed my birthing plan using a template that Maureen had provided, which detailed our home birth choices.  As we drew closer to the approximate due date of 13th Jan (although you don’t have a specific due date in HypnoBirthing terms as this only leads to anxiety when you go beyond your date) we practised our techniques and I said my affirmations and drank copious amount of raspberry leaf tea!  We waited and waited, until I started the early thinning and opening stages of birth on the afternoon of 24th.  Our two children were deposited at the grandparents and then Ken prepared my birthing environment (the living room) by setting up the pool, dimming the lights and lighting candles, playing the rainbow relaxation music and burning lavender oil.  He got some lights snacks and drinks ready for me, and then with light touch massage and controlled breathing I descended into a deep relaxed state.  Emma, the midwife on call arrived about 6pm but saw that everything was under control and then left us to HypnoBirth until she returned around 10pm when I was in the active labour stage in the pool and my surges were getting stronger and more frequent.  At about 11pm, Michelle my One to One midwife turned up even though she wasn’t on call, which was amazing.  Finally, when I reached the expulsive stage just after 11pm, our baby’s head emerged as Ken watched in amazement.  Then at last she propelled into the water suspended, after a moment or two Ken scooped her up onto my chest where I was overwhelmed with a feeling of love, happiness and elation of actually having a birth the way I’d always wanted but never thought possible.

And hey we have such a chilled out baby! She seems to have calmness about her that I can only imagine comes from the fantastic way she entered the world.  As for me I have to say hand on heart I feel fantastic too, no baby blues or stress just a real thankfulness for having met the people who made this experience possible. H x

5 Responses to “Our home birth story”

  1. Cheryl Tomlinson

    Lovr your story. It’s an inspiration to hear. I am so glad you and ken had an amazing birth and positive experience.

  2. woodsy

    So impressed at your courage and ability to get into a mindset that controls your pain with relaxation techniques. Stunning visuals too.

  3. Samantha

    That’s a beautiful birthing story. I used hynobirthing too here in Cheshire. I wish I had gone for the home birth but I was put in the risky bracket. Well done!!!!

  4. Selina Wallis

    What a lovely birth story and stunning photography, so glad it went beautifully for you!

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Karl & Jen | E-shoot | Albert Dock, Liverpool

Couldn’t have picked a nicer day when I met up with fun couple Karl and Jennifer, who’re getting hitched at Sefton Park Palm House in a few weeks.  It was damn cold though so don’t be fooled by that gorgeous January blue sky.  We took a stroll around the Albert Dock and after spying the Liverpool wheel we couldn’t resist it.  Anyway, we all agreed that we’d been threatening to go on it at some point so now was the the perfect opportunity.  The only thing was, I missed out on the views as I was too busy shooting.  Doh! Ah well, good excuse to go back again.  It went surprisingly quick too; 4 revolutions before you knew it.  Karl and Jen love the Beatles and all those great black and white images by the likes of Astrid Kirchherr, Robert Freeman and the late Robert Whitaker who Helen and I met at the Mathew Street Festival a few years ago. He was a lovely very interesting guy.  Anyway, we’re going to recreate some that b&w magic for their wedding!  Later…Kx


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Blimey! I can’t quite believe that my due date has arrivied, where the hell have the last 9 months gone?  I’m guessin’ that she may not be a Friday 13th baby after all as I’m sitting typing this feeling great and not a twinge to be had.  Too be honest when we found out we were expecting another little Lanceley it did come as quite a shock. We have 2 and where quite content with our little lot,  plus we ain’t gettin in any younger and we ain’t got no painting in the attic!  I have to say though that I have so enjoyed being pregnant this time around, much more chilled and contented, I’ll even be secretly sorry when the bump goes and I have to start getting back in shape again, Aaggrr! The kids are absolutely over the moon that they’re getting a little sister and I hope she’s prepared for the soggy kisses she’ll be getting from her big brother.  He was asking where the lid was for the baby to come out of (ahh, if only this were true!)

This time around I’ve gone for a home water HypnoBirth , with the wonderful Maureen Collins after hearing so much about how amazing it can be I decided to give it a go.  K and I went to classes every week in preparation and I have to say after 2 hospital births it’s given us a real insight into the whole pregnancy and birth thing and I am much more informed and confident than I ever was with my other 2 births.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone who’s thinking about it.  Our lovely midwife is Michelle at One to One midwives who’s been visiting me at home throughout and has been so fabulously supportive.

Anyway, after nagging K for a while, finally managed to take a break from our busy shedule to grab a few snaps of bump, kids & me.  Also we’ll be launching our new portrait site soon which’ll features lots more lovely bumps, baby’s and kids.  Watch this space!! Hx



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Anne + Guy | Wedding | Peckforton Castle, Cheshire

It’s another Castle wedding this week folks – let’s go with it.  Different kind of castle and one of our faves.  We’ve been lucky enough to shoot there several times and when Guy and Anne approached us we were jolly happy to oblige.  Anne and Guy wanted a laid back traditional yet modern wedding (eh? hang on that’s a bloody contradiction like spicey yet mild!) anyway, it was a dark October day but Peckforton offers loads of places to shoot, and we were going to splash the flash to create some awesome images. OK here goes….



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