Saturday off!

A rare Saturday off! And I must say we’re enjoing it.  Just off to meet Helen & Lawrence at Hope Street Hotel, they’re getting married at the lovely Sefton Park Palm House Liverpool, not that we’re biased or anything since we got married there! Hx

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  1. Suzanne

    Love these photos – so cute so cool !!!!

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Baby Grace

Thanks Jamie and Rebecca, and of course the beatiful Grace!

Great to see these guys again with their new little addition.  Grace was  a natural in front of the camera, even when hunger set in!






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  1. Rebeccca

    We are so pleased with the photos of our litle baby Grace – can’t wait to chose our prints!

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So, so excited about my new tattoo!


Finally I get my birthday tattoo!! thought I’d stick with the sailor jerry theme and have an anchor, after much deliberation, changes of design, position blahblah blah- this is it!  and of course because I’ve had Valentine forever branded on my arm I couldn’t leave the Coco Queen out!  Really love the iphone 4 for quick snaps, Some of the phone apps are brilliant,watch this space for a post on iphones!

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  1. Clare Bear

    Wow, you love a tatoo don’t you Helen!!! At least you have real ones now, what was that little heart all about!!?

    Your website is great and your photos are lovely!!!


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Kate + Michael @ Rookery Hall

What a fantastic day – you guys were great to work with.  Here’s just a few pics.  Well done Kate for braving the cold, it was worth it!



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Happy Days!

WELCOME TO OUR NEW BLOG!!!  AND WEBSITE!!  After months of planning and lots of coffee, we’re so pleased to see today!  We’ve rebranded our site featuring the sailor jerry swallow which we think symbolises our philosphy of family, love and success.  We’re in our sixth year now, and we’re really looking forward to another busy year ahead with our lovely couples.  As ever we’re totally into creating original images with a rock and roll twist.

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  1. erica

    LOVE it kids!! Really is ‘you’. Wishing you every success xxx

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