UK Wedding Venues

Choosing your venue is, along with your photographer, the most important decision you’ll make about your wedding. It will set the scene for the day, and will provide the backdrop for many of your photos. Have a theme or idea in mind of how you’d like to wedding to look, and then visit the venues that match your criteria. Book your venue and photographer well in advance, as much as two years, as competition from other couples is fierce.

Some venues offer the photographer more of a challenge when there are no scenic views or backdrops, so in these cases we use lateral thinking to come up with more creative imagery – such as a black corrugated iron wall at Sandhole Oak Barn that provided a funky urban background for a posed shot of a couple.

If you venue doesn’t have any gardens or grounds then look nearby for a public park or interesting backdrop where posed or formal shots can take place.

You can’t plan for the weather, so make sure your venue has some indoor locations such as a hall or staircase, which will look good for group and posed couple shots. Even so, a rainy day won’t spoil your photos because we can capture very atmospheric shots using the umbrellas that we carry. The bride can always wear a funky pair of wellies, which will help create some really fun shots.