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A Laid-Back Autumn Wedding

With only weeks until their wedding, Suzanne and Ian approached me to shoot their autumn wedding at Sefton Park Palm House as their booked photographer (who I happened to know) had been involved in a bad road accident.  Of course, we were very happy to step up to the challenge and help realise their dream.

It’s a bride and groom’s worst nightmare, if one of their suppliers drops out, but how you cover yourself for this eventuality?  Make sure your photographer. especially if they work alone, that they an emergency back up photographer that they know and trust, and is of the same experience, who has worked at your venue and produces work of the same style.  Also, consider taking out wedding insurance in case you need to claim any money back.

We’ve worked at the Palm House many times before so after our first meeting, only a few days before the wedding, we knew exactly how to get the shots they wanted.  Suzanne and Ian wanted very relaxed natural photos of the whole day, with some creative shots alone together in Sefton Park.

The morning preparations

We kept our distance on these preparation shots, as Suzanne wanted to keep it low key.  We love these tender moments that Hayley captured during at the bride’s house.

Meanwhile, the groom was getting ready at the gorgeous Titanic Hotel in Stanley Dock.  Ian wore a traditional Highlands kilt complete with sgian-dubh (pronounced skee-ən-DOO), a single-edged knife.

The Ceremony at Sefton Park Palm House

The seasons create a very different experience whenever we shoot at this stunning Victorian glass house.  Autumn, in particular, brings a warmth of colour from the many trees located around the building, and the weather is typically warm and sunny.  It’s a great time of year to get hitched in the Jewel of Sefton Park.

Bride and groom photographs in Sefton Park

I’d already clocked the carpet of russet, green and yellow coloured leaves in a section of woods about a minute walk from the venue.  So after the ceremony, once they’d grabbed a much-needed glass of fizz we spent about 20 minutes with some really chilled images.  The sun came out on cue and b-b-b-bingo!

The evening reception is always great for capturing the guests once they have relaxed and enjoyed a few drinks!  We think the moment before the photo is so much more interesting.

And so to the evening and the party is in full swing. We love getting down on the dancefloor among the guests to capture the atmosphere close up.

Evening dance moves

And so we headed into the night, content that another awesome wedding was in the bag and that Suzanne and Ian’s wedding was a huge success.

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