Is it any surprise that this tattooed bride with customised Converse met her groom through wrestling?  They literally hit it off (pun intended).  Even their wedding at Owen House Wedding Barn didn’t stop them having a quick tussle.  But then Tara and Alex aren’t your conventional sort of bride and groom.

Also, Owen House Wedding Barn suited their unconventional style and happens to be bang on-trend.  According to a Bridebook survey is the most popular type of venue with brides at the moment.  It’s in heart of the Cheshire green belt, on a real farm.  It’s been built with a great deal of thought about the flow of the wedding day and features rustic decor throughout.  Whatsmore, there are some really smart guests rooms on-site opposite the cowsheds –  amazing!

As you know, we love shooting alternative couples, especially when they have interesting tats.  Tara’s stunning dress was complemented by her half sleeve and DIY customised sneakers with diamontes.  Alex looked dapper in his tan tweed three-piece suit, complemented with his impressive beard.

Tattooed Bride in Customised Converse


The shooting gallery is an awesome space for the specific purpose of grabbing some great shots. The owners have really thought this one out, as all too often this is completely overlooked in many venues.  We had so much fun by the haystacks with Alex and Tara, making sure we featured the bride’s sleeve and her gym shoes with diamontes. 

The Evening Farm Antics

Finally to evening, when Tara, Alex and I were whisked off by the owner in his Land Rover to his suggested photographic (albeit regularly used) locations.  I was presented with a shutter, a field with pylons, and some containers.  I’ll be honest, I’ve been presented with much less at other venues, but it’s my job to come up with something creative. Right? So I just let Tara and Alex just be themselves and got into my zone.  Luckily, we also came across this little creepy guy with red eyes.  Kept expecting him to come alive.


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