If you’re planning to get married in the next six months (or maybe longer!?), then let me tell you that weddings during COVID are totally possible. Even though the COVID rules for weddings have changed several times. However, they will be different from what you might have dreamed of initially and closer to an elopement. Forget big lavish occasions with hundreds of guests but prepare for an intimate and personal ceremony like Jen and Paul’s. Like Knowsley Hall, it was my first wedding since the lockdown #1 in March 2020, and hopefully, their story will inspire others.

In 2016 Jen and Paul both joined their local charity running club, ‘Team Isabella Rose’, which became a big part of their lives. It brought them together as they didn’t know each other beforehand even though they lived on the same road. They got engaged in October 2018 and started attending all the Wedding events. 2020 was ‘the year’ to get married we they told!

A change in COVID Wedding Rules

Initially, they’d planned a big wedding on 10th April 2020 – which was Good Friday. It was a special date for them as it was the anniversary of their first ‘official’ date. However, COVID came along and with Boris implementing a lockdown and changing the wedding rules just 3 weeks before their date, they were devastated that they could not go ahead. So, Good Friday came around, and it was a beautiful sunny day, and they had a prosecco picnic in their garden. Family and friends were wonderfully supportive and joined them for a Zoom Party. They postponed until 31st October. Surely COVID would be long gone by then!

We met Kenny at the Palm House and immediately loved his work and wanted him to be part of our special day. We went to Knowsley Hall for a Wedding show and instantly fell in love with the venue. It was an awe and wonder moment, and we knew that we had to have our wedding here. It took our breath away and felt perfect.


An Intimate COVID Wedding

Consequently, the countdown started again to the new spooky date with a Halloween theme. However, it was a summer of uncertainty with restrictions eased and then re-introduced. The number of people they were allowed kept going down and down. 4 weeks before their new date they realised that the wedding would not happen again. They agreed with Knowsley Hall to postpone their big wedding celebration until October 2021.

It was important for us to get married, and we looked for ways we could do this differently. The excitement started again as we planned for a small intimate ceremony with our daughter and two close friends as witnesses. We had to plan almost everything again. Knowsley Hall was fantastic and supported us so much. They set the ballroom up, so it was perfect for an intimate ceremony. Keeping our family safe, they joined us for the ceremony via Zoom.

They tell me that the run-up to the wedding day was quite stressful. Forecasts for both the weather and further COVID restrictions were equally dismal. The big day started as a wet and grey autumn Saturday but as the morning ended the rain stopped, and the sun came out and gave them a beautiful backdrop to the day.

The most memorable part of the day for Jen was as she walked into the ballroom and seeing Paul, realising that the wedding was actually going to happen. For Paul, it was when Jen said the words ‘I Do’, and we became husband and wife.   

The Best Part of Having an Intimate COVID Wedding

The day was so much fun, we loved every minute, and it was perfect. Kenny was with us from the start, capturing the moment we arrived and every detail of the day. One of the funniest moments was when Gabrielle was circling us with a smoke cannon billowing away, and Kenny trying to capture the perfect picture in a strengthening wind.

Having an intimate COVID wedding was different than we had planned but equally beautiful. Being able to focus on each other, being with each other for the whole day, sharing the memories was special for us. We are so happy that we were able to get married. We would do it all again in a heartbeat.

Finally, if you’re planning your own intimate ceremony then be sure to check the latest COVID wedding rules as they’re changing continually.  Just remember that ‘Love is not cancelled’ and good luck! 

We’re really looking forward to sharing Jen and Paul’s ‘Big Wedding Day’ photos next year! Stay tuned.

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