Did you know Jen and Paul are the only couple to marry at Knowsley Hall in 2020 and will go down in history? Jen and Paul celebrated their 1st anniversary during their autumnal Knowsley Hall wedding on Sunday 10th October 2021. How is this even possible? Well, they were supposed to get married initially on 10th April 2020. The pandemic came along, so they had an small ceremony with just 3 guests on 31st October 2020. Restrictions were still in place, so they did the legal part as they really wanted to get married. I even managed to sneak in some fun autumn Halloween images.

Moreover, it’s been an honour to be able to share that journey of a micro wedding, the christening of Jackson and finally their big day at Knowlsey Hall. I hope you enjoy these highlights of their autumn wedding.

An Autumal Knowsley Hall Wedding

Fast forward nearly a year later, and they got the wedding of their dreams – the one they’d initially planned. I’ve barely had time to post on this blog with such a busy year of catching up on weddings. So now it’s lovely to kick off by sharing some highlights of their Knowsley Hall autumn wedding a year later.

“As we already married, it meant our friend could do the ceremony, and it meant we got married by the Pope (David)! Not many people can say that. The service was beautiful and very personal. We got to repeat our vows in front of all our family and friends.”

Autumn Wedding Colours

With covid wedding restrictions still in place, they were forced to take an autumn date. They’d initially planned a spring wedding, light blue dresses for bridesmaids with pastel coloured flowers. To acheive their autumnal Knowsley Hall wedding style, they changed the bridesmaid to navy blue and embraced the autumn colours. The warmth of oranges, yellows and greens looked striking against the navy blue dresses. The flowers were amazing too – bright and happy with lots of little pumpkins. As luck would have it, they had blue sky a perfect autumn day – just like the first wedding.

“The most memorable part of the day for Paul was watching Jen walk down the aisle and seeing the ‘dress’ that she’d talked about for now nearly 3 years!! For Jen, it was seeing Paul waiting at the top of the aisle, smiling away. We remember sitting at the wedding breakfast and looking around at all our family and friends. We were thinking how lucky we were to be able to share our special day with them and a feeling of wow we did it!”

“Our wedding day was magical. We loved every minute of it. It was everything we had dreamed of and planned. Jackson, our baby, joined us this year, making it even more special. The day was perfect in every way.”

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