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After all, your photographers are going to spend the whole day with you. So it's important that they 'get you' and you 'get them'

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East London, 2005. Wedding photography was boring. So we began with a rebellious rock n roll spirit and an ambition to reinvent wedding photography. To create documentary and artistic images. 17 years later, we’re still evolving.

We’re driven by our passion and creative energy. What can we bring to your day? Our vision and imagination, our experience in the creative industries not just as photographers but actors too, a deep understanding of what it means to be human and in love, being obsessive people watchers and our off-the-wall humour.

In our spare time (and there’s not much of it) we indulge ourselves in a spot of acting. Helen was recently doing a spot of Shakespeare in Liverpool, and Kenny finished filming a Netflix pilot in Camden.


#about us

We have three kids. Helen has a swallow tattooed on her wrist. Kenny has Betty Page tattooed on his arm. Kenny proposed to Helen on a windy Brighton Pier. Helen likes black eyeliner. Kenny always wears skinny jeans. Kenny likes competing with Helen. Helen likes competing with Kenny.

#people, things and places

We love Van Life in 'Trevor' our VW. Kenny loves Berlin. Helen loves Paris. Kenny's favourite film is Withnail and I. Helen thinks Kenny doesn't listen to her sometimes. Kenny thinks Helen is a pain in the ar*e sometimes. Helen loves Scandinavian crime drama. We love Bowie. Kenny was lost in Russia once. We used to live in Hoxton (before it's gentrification). We're experienced Wim Hofer's.

#claims to fame

Helen's dad used to throw stones at John Lennon when they were kids (fool!). Kenny went to high school with Daniel Craig. Helen once had dinner with Twiggy. Helen studied acting alongside Sally Hawkins at the Royal Academy of Drama & Acting. Kenny studied acting at Bristol Old Vic Theatre alongside oscar winner Olivia Coleman. We met on a West End stage.

#food and pets

Helen doesn't like smelly cheese. Kenny loves a bit of Stilton and red wine. We love veggie food (20+ years). Helen loves cats. Kenny's allergic to cats. We have a pet cat (that's not technically ours!) and two guinea pigs. We love a cup of the black stuff first thing.

We use a select number of experienced and trusted photographers familiar with our company ethos and shooting style to work alongside Kenny as second shooters.