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Our Approach

We’re all about celebrating this short life of ours. Our approach is to capture the colour, the diversity, the unscripted moments and the emotions.

We especially love the weird and wonderful, the imperfect and super-fun couples who aren’t afraid to express their individuality, to break the rules and have the wedding they want.

Our Approach to Creative Documentary and Alternative Wedding Photography

How we work

Documentary Storytelling

Our approach is very relaxed and fun; we capture moment to moment without getting in the way of your enjoyment of the day. As storytellers, our style is essentially real-life reportage/photojournalism which means we look for unconventional and exciting ways to show authentic moments. It could also be described as Street Photography. Although we blend in like guests for the most part, if you look carefully you'll see us like ninja's in the most unexpected locations waiting for the perfect composition or moment.

Creative Portraiture

Not only do we shoot all the real moments as part of our approach but we also love creating artistic portraits that capture your intimacy or maybe something more surreal.

We're inspired by the cinematic style to create artistic images that look like epic frames from movies. Combined with our off-the-wall sense of humour, which has helped define our distinctive quirky style, this makes the whole experience easy and great fun.

This is purely optional if you'd prefer 100% documentary storytelling that's totally fine by us. If you love our creative portraits but are concerned about being away from your guests, don't worry, all we need is just 15 minutes to work our magic.



the way we are

We want our adventure together to be daring, fun and the start of a beautiful thing.  To capture images that’ll make you laugh, cry and blow your mind.


creating memories

As much as we love the great outdoors, we prefer to see an image of an real moment – your best friend laughing during the speeches or your mum crying with joy during the ceremony. Mountains don’t move us, moments do.


it's personal

To us, it’s more than just photography. We’re very sociable and love being part of the occasion. We bring our insight and humour to help your day run smoothly. And hell, we just can’t help getting a tad emosh sometimes.


for the love of it

Although we realise social media has its place, we much prefer face to face.  75% of our work comes via wedding fayres, word of mouth, and the friendships we’ve made in the industry.


what drives us

What gets us out of bed is the desire to create.  We’re always looking for new and exciting ways of shooting and presenting our work that our couples and clients will fall in love with.